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What factors should I consider when switching from a bathtub to a shower?

According to the Primex’s experts, there are numerous elements to consider when determining the cost of replacing a bathtub with a shower or bathroom renovation in dubai. Here are some important points:

1. Measure the available area for a comfortable shower installation

Measure the area carefully to ensure there is enough room to stand and shower without feeling crowded.
Consider the shower area, which includes the box, door, shower, and any other fixtures.

2. Ensure proper plumbing placement for shower installation
To correctly install the shower, you may need to relocate your water and sewer pipes.
Hire a competent plumbing technician to ensure that the plumbing is suitable for the conversion.

3. Ventilation: To prevent moisture buildup and mold, ensure adequate ventilation in the bathroom.
To ensure adequate ventilation, you may need to install an extractor fan or a ventilation window.

4. Flooring: Ensure waterproofness and suitability for bathroom use.
You might need to put waterproof tiles or rugs in the shower area.

5. Safety: Ensure the shower is suitable for the elderly and people with special needs.
To ensure safety, install a shower handle and/or seat.
Use slip-resistant materials in the shower.

6. Determine your budget before replacing the bathtub
Make sure you have enough money to cover the whole cost of supplies, fittings, and labor.
Compare bids from various contractors before selecting one to complete the work.

7. Design: Select a shower design that meets your needs and preferences.
Choose if you want a shower without or with a bath.
Choose fittings and tools that meet your demands and budget.

8. Approvals: Obtain all required approvals from local authorities before beginning the conversion procedure.
You may require a building permit or consent from the homeowners’ association.

9. Check if the existing tub can be converted into a shower before installing the washbasin
Some sinks are unsuitable for conversion, such as those with intricate designs or made of non-waterproof materials.

10. Before replacing the bathtub, consult with Primex professionals
Experts will assist you in evaluating your space and requirements, as well as designing the perfect shower for you.

When determining how much it will cost to replace a bathtub with a shower, visit Primex for assistance in selecting the best design for your needs.We provides many services such as home renovation in dubai

Bathroom services in dubai