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Great Mobile Design Tips can increase E-Commerce Sales

People no longer shop online using PCs and laptops. They can now shop using their mobile devices. When the majority of customers use mobile phones to make online purchases, e-commerce enterprises must make their websites mobile-friendly. Customers will find it difficult to access a website that is not mobile-responsive. Website development company in Dubai has some great mobile design tips to help you make the necessary changes.

Keep it simple
Because there is limited space to exhibit your website’s features, you should keep everything basic to avoid chaos. Adding too many photos and text can be confusing for viewers. Make the design straightforward to navigate and free of distractions. Also, the content should be brief and concise so that it does not take up too much space.

Loading Speed
Many website owners do not consider this aspect. If your website takes too long to load, people will close tabs in seconds; they have no time for slow websites! You can reduce the size of banners and graphics on the website while maintaining a small overall page size. You can also use internet tools like GTmetrix to assess website speed.

Security Seal
Because you operate an e-commerce website, people are apprehensive about sharing personal information via mobile devices. You can add a security seal to your website to assure them that it is secure. You can purchase an SSL certificate, which will change the HTTP in the domain to the more trustworthy https.

Consider thumb action
The thumb action is an important consideration when creating a mobile web page. Try to keep the main items in the center so they are easily accessible. Steer clear of tiny links that require zooming in to click. Also, make sure the typeface is huge, as some people have larger thumbs than usual.

Best website design company in Dubai